Aaahh!! Real Monsters (Cancelled 1997 TV Movie; Existence Unconfirmed)

Aaahh Real Monsters Cancelled Tv Movie (1997)
Aaahh!! Real Monsters Title card.
Aaahh!! Real Monsters Title card.
Status Existence Unconfirmed

Aaahh!! Real Monsters was a animated Nickelodeon television show, airing from October 1994 to its cancellation in December 1997.[1]

When the show was originally coming to an end, Klasky-Csupo, the company producing the television show, had been working on a film for the series. However, it is unknown what relation to the cartoon series was intended for the movie. It could have been the series' finale or just a TV movie. Set in production around 1998, however, it was cancelled for being too dark.

There have been multiple people on various internet chat forums who claim to have seen parts of the film. Despite this, there has not been any visual leaks of the movie. there are articles on TV sites listing the movie as 'un-aired' and as "Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Unknown on Nickelodeon".[2]

The first time this movie was acknowledged to exist was in 2009, 11 years after it was supposed to be in production. Since then, rumors about the movie have circulated around the Internet, growing very little information over the years.

Proof of the existence of this film is limited. All that has been found referencing the movie are two Yahoo Answers questions, said (and other tv sites) listings, and fan-scripts of what they think could have happened (as the plot was never released).

A 2010 film guide has been found online for sale, which lists the Aaahh!! Real Monsters movie, along with a variety of other titles. It is currently unknown what other information this book holds about the film, as no scans can be found on the internet as of late.[3]


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14 days ago
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I mentioned it a long time ago on the talk pages, but those got deleted, heh. What I said at the time was that I found a place to buy that film guide, but in the description it said it was based off information from sites like Wikipedia, etc. Like a self-published thing to make a quick buck without actually being knowledgeable on the subject. So, it's likely very inaccurate, and wouldn't contain anything we don't already "know".


12 days ago
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I have confirmation that the Aaahh!! Real Monsters movie was never in production. I asked "The Splaat!" facebook page if it was ever a thing, and they confirmed that it was never in production. Whether or not it was an idea that was thrown around is another question, but never ever came out of it. Here's an image with the conversation with my last name edited out: https://gyaz...7f61cdf7a2df
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