Ace Lightning: Cancelled 3rd Season (rumored animated Series; existence unconfirmed)

Ace Lightning: Season 3
Status Existence Unconfirmed

In the fall of 2002, Ace Lightning debuted on BBC. It was a children's series that followed the adventures of British teenager Mark Hollander, who comes across a supposedly nonexistent seventh level of the video game "Ace Lightning and the Carnival of Doom" during a lightning storm, after which the game's characters come to life and before long, Mark becomes Ace's sidekick and his whole life changes.

Season 3

The series was a huge success that lasted for two seasons, with only the first airing in the United States. The show was so popular, BBC even went as far as to plan a third season. However, those plans fell through in the end. Very little evidence of the season being planned exists except for two pieces of concept art featuring characters that may have appeared in season 3.



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