Adventures on Rainbow Pond (partially found Harmony Gold English dub of "Demetan the Frog" anime series; mid-late 1980s)

Demetan Croaker (a.k.a Adventures on Rainbow Pond)
Cover Art of French DVD.
Cover Art of French DVD.
Status Partially Found

Adventures on Rainbow Pond (also known as The Brave Frog & Demetan Croaker)is an English adaptation of the TV anime Demetan The Frog (けろっこデメタン Kerokko Demetan), produced by Harmony Gold at some point in the mid-to-late '80s (exact year unknown)[1]. It covered approximately 26 episodes of the original 39-episode series[2].

Harmony Gold had also released the Demetan anime as two compilation films titled "The Brave Frog" (in 1988) and "The Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure" (in 1989).


While the two compilation film dubs have circulated around and have been widely seen, nothing has surfaced of the Rainbow Pond English incarnation. However, this version was used as the basis for a few international dubs, such as ones aired in Germany, Portugal, and Saudi Arabia.

It has been alleged that there were a few localization differences between this version and the compilation films, with the love interest character (Ranatan) being named "Pookie" in the two films but "Hilary" in the series. The German dub did localize the same character's name to "Hildegard" in their version of the TV series that was based on Harmony Gold's version.

A copyright catalog of Harmony Gold's titles suggest that the rights to this version were held until at least 1996[3], along with The Magical World of Gigi and a dub of Temple the Balloonist that was retitled "Sabrina's Journey".

On September 14, 2014, the full english version of "The Brave Frog" was found and uploaded to youtube by user Григорий Нестеров


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6 months ago
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If I may, I would like to add my own input into this series. I actually had the chance to contact Dave Mallow, who provided the voice of Jonathan in Adventures on Rainbow Pond. Here's the bits of info I was able to get from him:

-Not only did Dave voice the main character, but he was also the co-director of the dub, along with Doug Stone, who Dave believes provided the voice of the narrator. -The character of Ranatan, along with the name change from Pookie to Hillary, seems to have also had a casting change. In the Brave Frog films, Pookie was voiced by Rebecca Forstadt, under the pseudonym of Reba West. However, according to Mallow, Julie Maddalena was the voice for Hillary. -Michael McConnohie played the antagonist of the series, whom, and I quote, "I believe was a praying mantis." However, according to a forum on the website, The Old School Otaku Lounge, a forum user said he actually played Ranatan's father, Lord Gyata, who is still an antagonistic character. Incidentally, Lord Gyata suffered the same fate as his daughter in terms of name changes, as in The Brave Frog, he was known as King Leopold, while in AoRP, he is known as Maxwell, or Big Max.

He also pointed out that various Harmony Gold/Saban shows that they did at the recording studio, Intersound, often either just disappeared, or were just made to be scratch tracks for other localizations to use as backing. He said that the best place that one could probably be able to find the series would be at the Intersound building, but unfortunately, it has since been razed, and replaced with a small art gallery. While it may also be possible to ask Harmony Gold about the series, it must be said that, according to certain sources, they've already returned the rights to Demetan to Tatsunoko Productions, so even there, it's not likely we'll find the series.

However, thanks to the aforementioned forum user on the Old School Otaku Lounge, we DO have footage of the intro, albeit in Portuguese. https://www....=qSrLxLXsz24


4 months ago
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I think i have messed up on some parts, i have no idea
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