Angry Kid (Unresurfaced Pilot; 1995)

Angry Kid (Pilot)
A picture of the main character
A picture of the main character
Status Lost

Angry Kid is a British series of mixed animated/live action shorts made first made by Aardman Animations, then Mr. Morris Productions. It focuses on a secondary school kid, who is rather rude and annoys others. Most of Angry Kid is currently available on YouTube from the official channel or on Atom Films.[1]

However, a pilot was created in 1995 and has not seen an official release in any medium. It was shot on 16-millimetre film and focused on the antics on trying to get Angry Kid to do interesting things.

A copy of the pilot was uploaded to YouTube in 2006 but was taken down around 2007. Since then, a copy has yet to resurface.


  1. Mark Chamberlain's CV Last retrieved 26 Aug 2016.



Anonymous user #1

2 months ago
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this is really cool it was the first video I saw on youtube and I can't remember it that much


27 days ago
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I watched it way back when too. IIRC, it was uploaded largely to settle a legal dispute between makers of the pilot. The pilot itself largely involved Angry Kid not doing much, despite attempts to make him do something interesting. Under 5 minutes, for sure. Also, credits at the end matching the Angry Kid logo.
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