Animaniacs 'Minerva Mink' (unproduced animated shorts)

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Animaniacs (Minerva Mink shorts)
The entire Animaniacs cast, including Minerva Mink (top).
The entire Animaniacs cast, including Minerva Mink (top).
Status Unproduced

The Warner Bros. animated variety show Animaniacs was rumored to have had a number of Minerva Mink shorts aside from the two released ("Meet Minerva" and "Moon Over Minerva") that never saw the light of day. This was assumed due to the excessively risqué content of the Minerva Mink shorts that were released, and that only two were ever made. Not only that but both "Meet Minerva" and "Moon Over Minerva" have been edited post production by broadcasters, Teletoon Retro being one such broadcaster. On airing "Meet Minerva" on their channel, the title card was different, but it was the same short as "Moon Over Minerva". Notably, her cleavage was clumsily erased in close up scenes.

Creator confirms there are no unaired shorts

The creator of Animaniacs, Tom Ruegger, participated in an "Ask Me Anything" topic on Reddit on the 18th April 2016. A user asked about the existence of any unaired Minerva Mink shorts. Tom replied as follows, confirming that there are no unaired Minerva Mink shorts in existence [1]:-


This confirms that there are no unaired Minerva Mink shorts in existence.

  1. Tom Ruegger "Ask Me Anything", Reddit



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the originals are not lost, they are on daily motion, that's all.
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