Arwin! (cancelled "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" spinoff TV series pilot; 2007)

A screenshot from the pilot.
A screenshot from the pilot.
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Arwin! (also known as Housebroken) is an unaired spin-off of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which was a popular Disney Channel sitcom. It was going to be about Arwin, the handyman, moving in with his sister to help her take care of her kids, one of which was played by Selena Gomez.

Before the show had a chance to air, the 2007 writer's strike happened, which effectively led to this show and many others being cancelled. Currently, only two short clips of the pilot can be found online.


Short promo clip.
Various clips from the show.



Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
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Where did the 2 clips come from and does anyone have the full episode?


14 days ago
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There was never a full episode if I remember from 2007. If I remember correctly the pilot was a "sneak peak" that Disney Channel had on their DC Video site, and on the Disney iTunes podcast thing (if I remember correctly, prob not on this last one or just a clip). It was copied to YouTube after that. I believed it aired after some DCOM premiere but just a clip (hence a TV recording surfaced). The only thing that was shown public was the pilot episode in parts as I don't remember there ever being a complete release. I do remember seeing it announced on their "what's new this new year" promo they used to do in both the US and Latin America (no dialogue for LATAM).
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