Ashens: Microwave Crisp Maker Review (found original audio of online review video; 2007)

Ashens: Microwave Crisps Maker review (original autio)
The rare Ashens "Ashenthology 1" DVD, rumored to contain the missing clip.
The rare Ashens "Ashenthology 1" DVD, rumored to contain the missing clip.
Status Found
Date found Feb. 27th, 2015
Found by Unknown

Stuart Ashen is a popular YouTube video creator who reviews cheap electronics, items from Poundland stores (the British equivalent of a dollar store), and other cheap items. This is usually done with just his hands visible in front of a brown sofa.

In 2007, he did two videos for Gizmodo's YouTube account, which vanished once the account was deleted in 2014. Ashens recovered the originals' files and reuploaded them, but altered the audio in one of those two, his review of the Microwave Crisp Maker, claiming that the music used had copyright issues. The original version was thus lost for some time.

It was rumored that the Ashenthology 1 DVD contained the original version. However, the DVD was a limited release, with no plans to sell again.

On 23rd February of 2017, Stuart Ashen uploaded an ISO rip of the Ashenthology 1 DVD, and it had the Crisp Maker review with the original audio. This is the version of the video is the best possible quality with the original audio.


Edited version of the video.
Upload of the video alongside a blooper hidden in the DVD itself.
Alternate video of the original version.

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Oh, wow, that's funny finding Ashen here
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