Austar Gameworld (lost interactive TV game service; 2007-2009)

Austar Gamesworld
The logo of Austar at the time.
The logo of Austar at the time.
Status Lost

Austar Gameworld was an interactive TV games channel by Australian Pay TV company Austar (now Foxtel), with assisstance from other companies such as TwoWayTV and Visiware. Gameworld had a variety of games of a particularly low quality, categories including "Kids and Family", "Brainteaser Trivia", with "Casino Sport" being a paid extra. Some games had licensed properties, such as some games being based on Cartoon Network's "Ben 10" and Boomerang's "Scooby-Doo".

Gameworld launched on December 15, 2007 on channel 555. On the following weekend, Austar launched "Free Games Weekend", a promotional event allowing all users to play the Gameworld gamse for free, only for the duration of the weekend. Afterwards, access to both standard categories cost a subsciption fee of $13.90 AUD per month.

During 2009, Austar had officially announced the channel's termination. “From Tuesday 30 June 2009, Gamesworld will no longer be available as part of Foxtel’s service. After carefully considering Gamesworld’s place in Australia’s growing games market, Foxtel has decided to remove the service and use this bandwidth to provide even greater customer choice through the addition of new channels and more interactive services in 2009.” Only four known clips of one game each have known to be surfaced, all by YouTube user GHPICTURES Workbox.


Footage of game "Best Of 4"
Footage of game "Super Drop"
Footage of game "Peguimania"
Footage of game "Codeword" (according to description)




1 months ago
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Archived sites: https://web-..._313233.html


A chart of where Visiware was active (2007) https://web-.../img/map.jpg

Visiware press kit



1 months ago
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Epic. By any chance would the video on the second link be archived somewhere too?


29 days ago
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I found an archived link of the official Austar website around the time of the beginning of Gameworld. I'm not putting it in the page because it just says that every browser is incompatible. I even tried Internet Explorer, no luck.

Here's the link anyways:

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