Back at the Barnyard (Lost Nickelodeon Pilot; 2000)

Back at the Barnyard pilot
Barnyard pilot.jpg
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Back at the Barnyard was a TV series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2007-2010 and on Nicktoons in 2011. The show was a spin-off of the 2006 film titled Barnyard. Six years before the film's release, around the year 2000, a pilot for the series was created. This pilot was produced by DNA Productions for Steven Oedekerk's O Entertainment. The pilot was advertised with the tagline "What do animals do when humans aren't watching?". The pilot was never released, but footage can be found in an old teaser trailer from 2005. Screenshots from the pilot can also be found here.


Teaser trailer with footage from the pilot.




21 days ago
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Lol I had the dvd that has this, I seen it a million times!

Anonymous user #2

15 days ago
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can you please release it?

Anonymous user #5

14 hours 12 minutes ago
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If you really do have the dvd, can you tell us the name of it?

Anonymous user #1

20 days ago
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is this what hell looks like?

Anonymous user #3

14 days ago
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Anonymous user #4

12 days ago
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The pilot is lost because Biggie Cheese wasn't a main character.
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