Bad Seeds (Found Pilot of "Harvey Beaks" Animated Series; 2013)

Bad Seeds
The Pilot's title card
The Pilot's title card
Status Found

Bad Seeds is the 2013 pilot for the 2015 Nickelodeon show Harvey Beaks. The pilot is an older version of the episode "Pe-Choo," the first episode of the show. The pilot has some differences when compared to Pe-Choo, such as the Spirit of Wetbark Lake using a different colour palette and Technobear being an adult instead of a child.

The Pilot has been uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube, but unfortunately, Viacom has removed the video, only leaving screenshots to prove it's existence. Luckily there are good of screenshots of the pilot, mostly due to the creator, C.H. Greenblatt, posting pictures of it on his Tumblr blog as well as an older photo from 2011 on his Blogger.

EDIT: The pilot can be found here!!XtA0zSiB!ntvIQU8ryjYzBD0FuEO9Dqrv9-jRxlCEgZBNSbwoC5k


Screenshots of the pilot





7 months ago
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It was nowhere to found on the Web, besides a MEGA.NZ download, and you really don't know if something is on MEGA. If your an admin on this wiki and your reading this, you can choose/debate if you want to delete this page and its pictures


Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
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Lost Media Hunter Uploaded It To YouTube.


4 months ago
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I uploaded the pilot to Vimeo if anyone wants to watch:
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