Barney and Friends: At Home with Animals (Rare)

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Barney and Friends: At Home with Animals
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"Well, if there's something... something... AH-CHOO! ...making me sneeze."

A slightly different version of the Barney and Friends episode "At Home with Animals" had Barney saying a different message during the Barney Says segment. Instead of the one about bees, Barney instead said: "Poor Shawn. His allergies make him sneeze when he's around animal hair. But he can play with his turtle." This version of the episode was once available on Youtube in 2008, but has since been taken down.




6 months ago
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I might be reading this wrong, but how is it "Rare" if its on youtube for everyone to see? Is it that the vhs is rare?

Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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I think it means that it exists amongst the tapes sent to whatever broadcasting station gets the rights to air it, but there's a very small chance that that they will air it for various reasons. Like maybe it wasn't as popular with a majority of veiwers/fans or kids didn't quite understand what the message was supposed to be. Maybe an employee will accidentally put that tape in, but again, very small chance.

Or it could mean that it does air, but maybe only on certain channels or stations that aren't avaliable to everyone and are hard to catch in time due to schedule (maybe they use it as schedule filler early in the morning or late at night.)

It could also mean that even though it was removed from youtube, it could still pop up randomly on the internet somewhere, and no one has spotted it yet.

Anonymous user #2

19 days ago
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well i have that epsoide on vhs full epsoide

i also have the Whole Entire Barney series from 1990-2012
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