Batman 3 (Burton's proposed film)

Batman 3 is a debunked rumored film project that would have been supposedly directed by Tim Burton. Reports suggest that when the third Batman film went into production, it was initially going to be starring Michael Keaton. This has led fans to jump to conclusions about the evolution of the third film. In reality it was always going to be Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever, where Burton was credited as producer.

Burton publicly commented on a meeting at Warner, where he learned that they no longer wanted him making Batman sequels. The first was on the The Directors show in the mid 90's and on the commentaries for the 2005 dvds. His comments are very vague, and never indicated that he even gave any real story or villains "pitch" to them.

Debunked rumors

  • Images of clay Maquettes with Keaton heads sculpted by Jose Fernandez for Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever are used in internet articles as "proof" of Burton's Batman 3. In reality these are the designs for the Sonar and Panther suits seen in the final film, before a replacement actor had been finalized.
  • Another popular image is that of an all-black Robin costume illustration by Bob Ringwood for Batman Forever. Lowstanding Batman fan sites continue to jump to conclusions about this image without ever citing the source. The image originally appeared in Batman Forever: Official Movie Book with the right foot not visible. It is a Photoshop manipulation by Paul Rodgers, owner and maintainer of As published in the book, a production photo of Val Kilmer and Chris O'Donnell is covering the right foot.




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