Batman Dracula (partially found Andy Warhol film; 1964)

Batman Dracula
Poster for the film.
Poster for the film.
Status Partially Found

Batman Dracula is a 1964 film directed by pop artist Andy Warhol.

The film is supposedly about an hour long, is silent and in black and white. According to Warhol, the movie was created as an "homage" to the Batman series, but it was not authorized by DC Comics.

The filming took place on the beaches of Long Island, various rooftops in New York and at "The Factory," Andy Warhol's New York City Studio. It stars Jack Smith (director of Flaming Creatures) as Batman/Dracula. [1]

The film was only screened as part of Andy Warhol's art exhibits. As of Warhol's death, the film was considered lost. However, some scenes from the film were shown in the 2006 documentary Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis.[2] Some other uploaded clips have been collected and compiled, representing about 40% of the film.


A compilation of the existing footage of the film (roughly 40% of it) by YouTube user "GratefulDeadpool" in 2015.


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