Betty Boop - 'Honest Love and True' and 'Buzzy Boop at the Concert' (Lost Animated Shorts; 1938)

Betty Boop (1938)
A fan's recreation of what the title card for "Honest Love and True" might have looked like.
A fan's recreation of what the title card for "Honest Love and True" might have looked like.
Status Partially Lost

There are two missing shorts from the famous Betty Boop series. "Honest Love and True" (1938) is said to place Betty in the role of a worker at a Klondike saloon. It is rumoured to have been included in the 1942-1943 16mm film rental catalogue for Films Incorporated, but this claim has not yet been confirmed.

"Buzzy Boop at the Concert" (1938) was most likely about Betty's cousin, Buzzy, wreaking havoc at a concert. Very little is known about this short beyond this surmised premise.

Reputable animation historian Jerry Beck has regarded both of these shorts as lost.


"Honest Love and True":

"Buzzy Boop at the Concert":



A Person

9 months ago
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I have so little info but in my opinion I think it's a lost short film and is real that's all for now.

Anonymous user #1

8 months ago
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It's not entirely uncommon for shorts from this era to be lost or misplaced. They were often only circulated for a single film and afterward would not be used again, earning them shelf space in poorly ventilated warehouses for long-term storage.

Anonymous user #2

3 months ago
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well The Buzzy one i have that short epsoide but the other i don,t have.

Anonymous user #3

2 months ago
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Show us it now
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