Binyah Binyah (Lost Nick Jr. Puppet TV Series; 1997-1998)

Binyah Binyah
An on set photo.
An on set photo.
Status Lost

Binyah Binyah [1] (also known as Binyah's Pond [2] or Binyah Binyah Polliwog [3]) was a short-lived spin-off series of the popular Nick Jr. series Gullah Gullah Island.


Somewhere between eight and thirteen episodes were recorded between July and August of 1997, and only five episodes aired on Nick Jr. during its only TV run, February 2-6, 1998. The series was named after the main character of the original show, Binyah Binyah the Polliwog. Nickelodeon decided to pass on the series, and it never aired again.

There was no home media release for Binyah Binyah due to how briefly it ran, and thus, bootleg copies are impossible to find. An on set photo of the series has resurfaced and showed puppeteer Rick Lyon controlling a character from the show named "Swimpy" and the photo can be seen above. Aside from this no footage or screenshots have ever resurfaced of the short lived series and all five aired episodes are now considered lost.


Supposedly puppeteer Rick Lyon was asked about the series. He claimed that only the 5 aired episodes ever existed in full form while the rest were never finished. Allegedly he had a copy of the 5 episodes but the VHS was distorted over time.


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9 months ago
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I asked rick lyon about this, and there where only 5 episodes compleated in full, he had a copy but the vhs got distorted.

Anonymous user #1

23 days ago
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Had no idea there even was a spinoff... I used to love Gullah Gullah.


23 days ago
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Has anyone gotten in contact with Ron or Natalie Daise and ask if they know anything or if they have any copies? They were part of the cast and created Gullah Gullah.
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