Bully - Jimmy Hopkins death scene (deleted scene of wide-open sandbox game; 2006)

Bully (Jim Hopkins death scene)
A recreation of the scene using the original audio.
A recreation of the scene using the original audio.
Status Lost

Bully is a 2006 wide-open sandbox game developed by Rockstar Vancouver/Rockstar Games.

Set in a boarding school, it has a structure and gameplay smilar to the Grand Theft Auto series/franchise.

Jimmy Hopkins, the main character, is a troubled young teenage boy who gets involved with school fights and gang wars with the other kids at the Bullworth Academy boarding school.

In an early version during development, Jimmy was supposed to die at the end of the game, during a boss fight in a power plant.

Some found voice sound files from the boss specify that Jimmy would have fallen in the acid if he ever lost the fight.

An early build of the game with this plotline, or even a cutscene showing this, have not resurfaced. However, there are some fans who recreated this with the game's engine.


The recreated scene.






Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
Score 3++
I think this was supposed to be a game over scene, not the ending to the game.

Anonymous user #2

7 months ago
Score 0++
Yeah, I can understand why this was removed. Bully was already really controversial to begin with, but having a game over scene of a kid dying in a vat of acid would've made the controversy even worse.

Anonymous user #3

6 months ago
Score 0++

April Fools



6 months ago
Score 2++
its not even April fools mate

Shade red32

3 months ago
Score 1++
Really loved that game, bought it for free on my iOS, it is interesting to know about this beta element that was remove from the game

Anonymous user #4

1 months ago
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