C'Mon Fwank (Lost nostalgia website)

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C'Mon Fwank
An old screenshot of the main page.
An old screenshot of the main page.
Status Lost

C'Mon Fwank was a nostalgia-themed website that started in a unknown year. Its content focused on 1980s and 1990s toys, video games and children's TV shows (such as Double Dare). Its slogan was "It's Good to Live in the Past!".

The domain expired in 2014. The website was once archived by the Wayback Archive but is no longer supported.

It has a YouTube channel, but all of its videos have disappeared. Some of its videos survive on other sites, carrying its name cmonfwank.com as a watermark.

No sign seems to have been given by the owners to restore the site and contents.




1 months ago
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What I've found

Promotional Graphics https://www....1435520@N05/

Possible, defunct myspace https://myspace.com/cmonfwank

Possible video thumbnail

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