Capitol Punishment (cancelled PC action game; 1994)

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Capitol Punishment
Screenshot 1 of 3.
Screenshot 1 of 3.
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Capitol Punishment is a cancelled video game project by famed programmer Al Lowe (who created the Leisure Suit Larry series). It would have been published by Sierra and released for the PC by the end of 1994.

It was meant to be an action game where the player would play as both Bill and Hillary Clinton riding in a canoe on a long river while avoiding many obstacles and enemies, usually based on rival politicians and the gameplay would involve various politics-related satirical imagery.

Al Lowe cancelled the game when he realized his idea looked better on paper than in execution, and due to technical limitations: after getting so many elements together, the game would "bogged down terribly".[1]

Apart from three different screenshots, no prototype or other media from the game has surfaced.


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25 days ago
Score 0++

They should re-make this game and have Donald and Melania be the main characters. And they should release it on iOS and Android.

But who am I kidding? They never will. Al Lowe is 70 at the time I'm writing this, and he's probably retired by now. Someone else could finish it, but I highly doubt it.


14 days ago
Score 0++
You'd first have to ask for permission to use the rights to the game, but that would make a great idea


12 days ago
Score 0++
You have a good point there. And it is a good idea, isn't it?
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