Captain Sturdy (partially found animated pilot; 2001)

Captain Sturdy: Back in Action
Status Partially found

Captain Sturdy is a cartoon pilot produced at Renegade Animation and created by Bill Waldner, Darrel Van Citters, and Ashley Postlewaite, that aired on Cartoon Network in 2001 as part of their second Big Pick Weekend, where it competed against nine other pilots to get picked up for a series, but lost.

The pilot episode shown was titled Back in Action, in which the aging and retired Captain Sturdy re-unites with his middle-aged sidekick Ultra Boy to save the world once again when the Union of Super Heroes turns out to be a greedy organization that does not understand superheroes as much as it used to.

This episode has resurfaced online, but in low quality and not in its complete form. Footage of the episode can be found in this segment of the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays Big Pick Weekend. A sequel was produced in 2003, The Originals, for Adult Swim. This episode is still fully available online.

Back in Action
The Originals

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Uncle Sporkums

6 months ago
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The "Back in Action" one comes from my personal copy.

Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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Im not sure how to edit pages but darrel has two ll's beccause it is actually Darrell Van Citters

Anonymous user #2

3 months ago
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I contacted the animation studio who made captain sturdy and asked if they could provide me with any more info and they just emailed me back and said that they will be able to provide me with more info at the end of the week

Hopefully something good comes of it


1 months ago
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Anything yet?
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