Car Seat Headrest - "6" (lost demo album of indie rock band; 2011)

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Car Seat Hearest - "6"
Status Lost

Car Seat Headrest is a Seattle based indie rock band fronted by musician Will Toledo. The project began as his solo project, recorded in his car for privacy. These albums are generally seen as a landmark of the lo-fi "bedroom rock" scene. After the release of his fifth album "5" (later renamed "My Back Is Killing Me Baby"), Toledo began work on his most popular album of his Bandcamp career "Twin Fantasy" in 2011. Before that album had been finished, however, Toledo posted a collection of demos for the album to his Bandcamp page, simply titled "6", so that he could easily share the demos with friends. The release was available for about a week until it was taken down, likely because Will wanted to finish the material.

The album apparently consisted of demo versions of the songs that Will was writing for Twin Fantasy at the time. Though he would later publish many demos from this era to his Sound Cloud page, it is believed that these are different, more complete versions, due to the fact that they were released months later and have larger file sizes. The album has no cover art currently attached to it, however Bandcamp releases must have cover art on display, which means that there is definitely art out there. Until 2014, looking at the source code of Will's Bandcamp lead to a privated entry for 6. This was quickly removed soon after being discovered. Though no audio or pictures can be accessed, a track listing can be. According to the code, this is the track listing:


While some of the songs are easy to identify ("Nervous Young Inhumans", "Bodys"), many are less clear and have not been released. "rebelradio" would be released on a compilation. "the hard part" and "kansas" would be released on his 2013 compilation Disjecta Membra as "The Hard Part" and "KS", though these are likely later versions of those songs due to their sound quality.

Many believe that due to this track listing being copied over and over, it might not be accurate. Many also wonder if 6 was even a demo album, or if it was ever released at all. Using the way back machine, you can see that 6 was at one point on Will's Bandcamp, however a track listing or cover art is still not available.

Track List

  1. . My Boy
  2. . Rebelradio
  3. . Beach Life
  4. . Nervous Young Humans
  5. . Bodies
  6. . Hanging Over
  7. . Kansas
  8. . The Hard Part
  9. . Minds
  10. . Nobody
  11. . Stray Dog
  12. . We Love You
  13. .Necks




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