Castlevania IV beta version (lost video game build; 1991)

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Castlevania IV (beta build)
The final version's title screen.
The final version's title screen.
Status Lost

A preview commercial for Super Castlevania IV, then titled simply Castlevania IV, shows many notable differences:

  • The title screen/main menu is much simpler and has a strange watermark in the center.
  • The game appears to be 2 player.
  • The HUD is completely different and reminiscent of the original Castlevania games.
  • Almost none of the level layouts shown are the same as the final.
  • The outdoor sections seem to have much browner, autumnal palettes, though this could be due to low-quality recordings.
  • The skeletons seem to have different AI. They seem to follow Simon endlessly, but this leads to them walking endlessly into a wall at around 0:10. In the final game, the AI is modified to make them weave back and forth, which both makes them harder to hit and avoids the AI bug.
  • The snakelike boss shown early on is entirely absent from the final game.
  • A level select is shown. There is a level select in the final, but it cannot be accessed without cheating and it looks completely different from the one shown.
  • The barn segment has bizarre enemies that appear to be possessed suits of armor.
  • The skeleton horse boss's neck moves all around instead of only moving in front of the body, creating a somewhat comical appearance.
  • The sub-weapons seem partially implemented; although the graphics for them appear on the HUD, they do not seem to be used.
  • The track Bloody Tears can be heard throughout the commercial. While track is in the final product, the version used in the game is far different from the version heard in the commercial.


Castlevania IV commercial.


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