Chadtronic - unreleased videos (partially found content of let's play/reaction YouTube channel; 2013-2016)

Chadtronic (unreleased videos)
His YouTube channel icon.
His YouTube channel icon.
Status Partially Found

Chadtronic is a Youtuber who makes reaction videos in a style similar to H3H3 Productions, another popular Youtube reactionist. He currently sits at over 427,000 subscribers as of May 2017 and has made several types of videos, such as toy reviews and podcasts. He had a huge amount of material that is unreleased or removed from both the main channel and the second channel, Chadtronic Pokemon (Previously Chadtronic 2). The lost content might have a chance of reappearing due to the introduction of his Pateron series, First Class Fricks.

Non-Pillowtalk Videos

NOTE : Updated as of 11 May 2017.

Video Title Current Status Remarks Date of Release
Yogi Oki Doki Available on First Class Fricks Video was never uploaded in its entirely, and was said to be from 2015. May 5 ,2017
xXx MLG Splatoon Splat Roller Montage xXx Provided by Discord user Flutter

May 8 ,2017

Sanic Ball - Chadtronic Provided by YouTuber dekutonii

August 11 ,2016

Goku vs Link Epic Rap Battle – Chadtronic Provided by Discord user Flutter

May 11 ,2017

Awkward Live Speed Run Moments - Chadtronic Reaction Provided by Discord user Flutter

May 11 ,2017

Nintendo Get Ready for E3 2015! - Chadtronic Direct Reaction Provided by DailyMotion user Shamar Jairo

June 15 ,2015

10 Secrets in The Legend of Zelda - Chadtronic Provided by DailyMotion user Brooks Wing

June 30 ,2015

Pillowtalk Videos

PillowTalk is a series made by Chadtronic together with Evan Pischel and Kyle Marvin. The series is filmed in Chadtronic's home and then uploaded to YouTube and Apple Podcasts. It was found out in 8 May 2017 that the series was not available on his second channel, Chadtronic 2, while only episode 3 ,5 and the Pokemon special is available on Apple Podcasts. It might be speculated that the videos are missing due to the channel being a full-pokemon content channel although the podcasts discusses mainly about Pokemon content. Similarly with the other videos, the videos might also appear in the First Class Fricks series. In fact, it was known that the audio from the first episode came from the audio track of the video, as there were various cutscenes throughout the podcast.

Link to the Apple Podcasts edition is

Episode no. Content Remarks Date of Release
1 Answers questions by fans in the Chadtronic Community on Twitter. Episode not available on Apple Podcasts. September 10 ,2016
2 (Not sure) Episode not available on Apple Podcasts. September 12 ,2016
Pokemon Special! Covers about Chadtronic's Pokemon Collection. N/A September 19 ,2016
3 (Not sure) N/A October 3 ,2016
4 (Not sure) Episode not available on Apple Podcasts. November 20 ,2016
5 (Not sure) N/A December 7 ,2016



Anonymous user #1

6 days ago
Score 1++

i remember watching the splat roller video, i dint know it was removed :p

(sorry for bad english)


1 days 19 hours 26 minutes ago
Score 0++

It was pretty damn awesome.

If only for the fact that he basically tanked over everyone. :P

Anonymous user #2

5 hours 7 minutes ago
Score 0++
I want to bring up a few things to help with the article, on the Chadtronic Oculus Rift page I mentioned seeing videos he made on Wiimmfi and a Smash 64 HD texture pack. I was looking around a while ago to see if they were maybe uploaded on a archive channel, and I found that he had made Facebook posts on those videos. If anyone has the time it would probably be worth looking at his Facebook page to see if there's any other videos we've missed so that we confirm if anything else is missing. Also there's also one more video we can add to this article, he made a video (He might've also made a second one, but I don't remember.) on a Mario 64 HD fan project to promote the project, but he ended up deleting it, however someone else has it uploaded. Outside of the outro being cut it's the full video, there wasn't anything special about the outro other then it had a remixed version of the Wing Cap playing. Anyways I'll post the links as replies as I've been having trouble formatting this post, so sorry about excessive amount of posts.
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