Creed's infamous AllState Stadium Chicago performance (lost live recordings; 2002)

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Creed's AllState Stadium Chicago Performance
A supposed still from a recording of the concert.
A supposed still from a recording of the concert.
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In December 2002, American rock band Creed were getting ready to end their world tour, in support for their third album, Weathered. They put on a final show in Chicago's AllState Stadium which ended up being one of the most infamous moments for the band, and has been said to be one of the worst performances by a major-label band by some.

A major reason for the poor performance came from frontman Scott Stapp himself, as he had just recovered from a major throat infection and had been told to take very powerful antibiotics. Right before the performance, he also drank an entire bottle of whiskey despite the medicine bottle's warning labels. The combination of powerful medicine and whiskey caused Scott to appear inept and inebriated on stage, as well as mumbling incoherently for around five songs, and ultimately deciding to lay down on stage and take a nap.

A few minutes later, he woke up and attempted to continue the show, but officials decided to end the show outright at that point. Fans eventually sued the band for several million dollars, and the band broke up the following year.


Aside from a few surviving stills of the performance, no footage has surfaced. It is likely that some footage exists, as fans claim to have taken video on early camera phones as well as a couple of people who successfully snuck in their digital cameras. It is speculated that the footage is usually removed whenever it is put up online, as Creed's management wants to keep the band's reputation as clean as possible, especially with Scott's new "sober" lifestyle.




11 months ago
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Wow, an even better reason not to listen to Creed.

Anonymous user #1

10 months ago
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Anonymous user #3

7 months ago
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Pretty great nonsensical justification for a Creed slam.

Anonymous user #2

9 months ago
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Video is blocked

Anonymous user #4

6 months ago
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The image shown here is wrong. It's a snapshot of a gif from the 2010-12 concerts.


5 months ago
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I really want to see this, just to watch Scott Stapp act more like a tool than usual.

Anonymous user #5

5 months ago
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Does anyone else remember the story from around this same time period where Scott Stapp travelled to a Denny's in Florida for coke and sex with a minor?
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