Culter35 (Partially Found YouTube Videos; Late 2008-2009)

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Anthony with Smosh at VidCon in 2010.

Channel Overview and Lost Videos

Culter35 is a youtube channel featuring 20 year old Anthony Mennella and his skits. He has over 17,000 subscribers and 3 million views on his channel.  From early 2008 - 2009 he was known for being a Guitar Hero player and uploaded videos of his gameplay videos of him playing Guitar Hero videos. Besides Guitar Hero, He had alot of skits when he was younger that were parodies of Smosh and other Youtubers. There are some found videos of his that were on the playlist of his first channel Clank35 and there are some old videos on his channel. But the only old videos that are public are "Interactive Stranded Game" "Youtube 789 Gathering" "The Sanyo Xacti (Ft. ShaneDawsonTV, ShayCarl, and LisaNova)" & "Anthony Goes Shopping"

What happended to the lost videos???

One of the unlisted old videos that were on the Culter35 channel.

To this day like some other popular youtubers, Anthony either privated, deleted or unlisted his older videos. Though some are on his Clank35 channel.                                 

Lost Videos

None of the videos Anthony had uploaded from late 2008 - early 2009 are viewable today. There was a series named "Pablo Sanchez" which featured Pablo & Fabrizo. There were also videos like "The Start Of Frank Scattora & CC Yaz" "iPod N' Cold Katy Perry" "Oreo Commercial" some bloopers could be seen on Vimeo.

Other info

Anthony has other channels that had his old videos. "CulterBloopers" "CulterProductions" "cluter35" "cpclank35" "clank35" "CulterVids" "CulterUnboxing" & "TheAbnormal35" but some of them don't have his older videos. It is unknown at this point that Anthony would release his old videos on public or not.

Partially found

As of July and September 2015, Anthony uploaded a video of "REACTING TO OLD VIDEOS!" which featured some of the videos from early 2008 and early 2009. He also made a second one called "REACTING TO OLD VIDEOS 2!" which featured videos from mid-late 2009. He announced that he might make a third one. This has not happended yet. But considering that he's a college student and has more important things to do, It's understandable he might forget.



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