David's Situation (lost unreleased sitcom pilot; 2008)

David's Situation
Advertisement for taping of pilot episode.
Advertisement for taping of pilot episode.
Status Partially Found

David’s Situation was a 2008 HBO sitcom pilot created by comedians Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, best known for their sketch comedy Mr. Show, as well as various other television shows, including Arrested Development and Better Call Saul.

In the pilot, David Cross plays a fictionalized version of himself. His character shares a home with two roommates, one who is a conservative, and the other who is a liberal. The supporting cast included Zach Galifianakis, Mo Collins, and Matt Besser.

After completing the pilot episode, Cross and Odenkirk decided to not attempt to continue the show as a series, as they had lost interest in the show’s premise.[1] All that has surfaced of the pilot is a single 3-minute clip.

Clip of the pilot.


  1. Splitsider Article - "The Lost Projects of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross"



Ian Burt

6 months ago
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Here is a clip of it


Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
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And nothing of value was lost.

Anonymous user #2

3 months ago
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Don't be rude.
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