Dead End (lost zombie comedy film; 1985)

(Redirected from Dead End (lost zombie film; 1985))

Dead End (1985)
Director Emerson Bixby.
Director Emerson Bixby.
Status Lost

Dead End is a splatter-horror surreal-slapstick zombie comedy film from 1985. [1] The film was directed by Emerson Bixby and concerns a documentary filmmaker going out to investigate a UFO crash, which leads to a zombie apocalypse. The movie reportedly features real animal blood and guts taken from a local slaughterhouse, which apparently caused one or more crew members to get sick on set.

Bixby has said that his personal copy of the film was lost in 1987, and he has since lost contact with cast and crew members, who may or may not possess their own personal copies. One person on the IMDb message board for the film claims that they saw a vendor at an early 90s horror convention selling bootleg copies. Additionally, there are a couple of reviews on the site, meaning it presumably exists in one format or another.[2] [3]


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Anonymous user #1

3 months ago
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slapstic relley

Anonymous user #2

6 days ago
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I am 101 percent sure I saw it on Google video, or at least a movie with the identical premise. It had shakey cam like blairwitch project. If I knew it was so rare I would have downloaded it...
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