Detour (Rare VHS-Exclusive Film; 1992)

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Poster for the movie.
Poster for the movie.
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Detour is a 1992 movie directed by Wade Williams. It is a remake of the 1945 film noir of the same name.


The movie is about a hitchhiker named Al Roberts (played by Tom Neil, Jr., son of actor Tom Neil, who played Al in the original), who, while hitchhiking from New York to California, becomes involved in a crime scheme with a dangerous woman named Vera (played by Lea Lavish)[1]


The movie had a very limited release on VHS, and was never released in any other format. Copies of the VHS are now extremely hard to find. One copy of the VHS is apparently available for rental at a video store called Scarecrow Video in Seattle, Washington, and requires a $150 rental deposit due to its rarity.[2]


The cast of the movie includes Tom Neal Jr., Lea Lavish, Susanna Foster, Erin McGrane, Duke Nowze, Brad Bittiker, Catherine Overfelt, Stuart Allen, and Patrick Waters.


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24 days ago
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according to there site it's 200 bucks


21 days ago
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Scarecrow Video Is Still Open But The VHS Tape Availibility Is Unkown


12 days ago
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Damn... I'd love to get my hands on it
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