Doggy Wyvern (unreleased PC shooter game; 1998)

Doggy Wyvern
A screenshot of the game.
A screenshot of the game.
Status Lost

In 1998, as part of a group project on his college campus, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya (best known as the creator of Cave Story) became involved with a shooting game known as Doggy Wyvern.

According to Pixel, the keyboard controls for the game were:

  • Move left and right with the arrow keys.
  • Flap with Z
  • Throw fish with X

Pixel also stated that he wound up taking on the entire project by himself in the end, due to a lack of group effort. The game was finished, however was unstable during play, and the only way the group was able to complete the game for their presentation was by cheating.

Pixel believes a copy of the game is likely still at his college campus somewhere.

Shuhei Miyazawa (a game developer close to Pixel) posted a photo of his daughter playing the game on Twitter in April 2015, making it likely Pixel may in fact have a copy.

A Vine was at one point posted with footage of the game, however was later removed with no known archives.





3 months ago
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7 seconds of game footage, well that'll certainly help us when that is missing too
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