Donkey Kong Racing (cancelled Nintendo GameCube racing game; 2002)

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Donkey Kong Racing
The game's logo.
The game's logo.
Status Lost
The game's E3 2001 trailer.

Donkey Kong Racing is a cancelled Nintendo GameCube game originally slated for release in 2002. A pre-rendered CGI trailer was shown at E3 2001. It was to be a sequel to the 1997 Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing. Known playable characters include Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Kiddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, Cranky Kong, and Taj the Genie. Instead of vehicles, it seems that the characters were meant to ride Animal Buddies, including Rambi the Rhino, several other smaller and larger rhinos of different colors, Enguarde the Swordfish, a purple version of Enguarde, Ellie the Elephant, and Zingers.

Like several other Donkey Kong games, after Rare was purchased by Microsoft, Donkey Kong Racing was cancelled. Years later, Rare started redeveloping the game with characters from the Sabreman series as Sabreman Stampede for Microsoft's Xbox 360. This game, however, was also cancelled. It is unknown how far into development Donkey Kong Racing ever got.



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thanks microsoft


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Microsoft ruined rare...


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Thanks Obama

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4 months ago
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Microsoft ruining games since 2002

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I wish they never bought Rare
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