Donkey Kong no Ongaku Asobi (Cancelled Famicom Game; 1983)

Donkey Kong no Ongaku Asobi
Title screen of the game.
Title screen of the game.
Status Lost

Donkey Kong no Ongaku Asobi (ドンキーコングの音楽あそび Donkey Kong’s Fun With Music) is a cancelled 1983 Famicom educational video game that starred the cast of the original Donkey Kong series with the newcomer Donkey Kong Jr. This game is meant to teach players music.

It was originally going to released for the Famicom in December 1983 at 3,800 yen, but Nintendo only released two educational games, Donkey Kong Jr. Math and Popeye no Eigo Asobi and cancelled this game for unknown reasons. Donkey Kong no Ongaku Asobi had only been announced in 1983 in a Japanese gaming magazine.

No prototypes or any other information has surfaced. Only four screenshots of the game exist.


References Unseen64 article. Super Mario Wiki article.




5 months ago
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I wonder if those are actual screenshots or just mock-ups.


4 months ago
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They are actual screenshots.

Anonymous user #1

1 months ago
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The Game Will Be The First Donkey Konga Series Game
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