Doom: Episode 5 (cancelled expansion to first-person shooter game; 1995)

Ultimate Doom E5M1
Possible remnant of the map.
Possible remnant of the map.
Status Cancelled/Lost

In its final "Ultimate" version, Doom had a total of four episodes with eight levels and a bonus level each (some home ports, like the Jaguar and Xbox versions, had additional stages, but often lacked the fourth episode). However, John Romero recently released many assets of Doom development to the public. Among the more fascinating artifacts of this development dump was a level labeled "E5M1", implying a fifth episode to the game was in production but ultimately scrapped.

The opening shot (seen in the info box) showed a hall of barrels near two Barons of Hell, implying this may have been a special non-canon challenge episode. Little else is known about the possible episode and what its content would have been.


  • An early pitch bible for Doom had a whopping six episodes in total.
  • A number of additional levels for Doom II were revealed around the same time, but it is possible these were just for testing purposes.


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