Evangelion AIDS PSA

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In the DVD commentary of Neon Genesis Evangelion's second episode, "The Beast," Spike Spencer states that he, along with Tiffany Grant, recorded an "AIDS Awareness" PSA using the Evangelion characters.

The PSA was never broadcast, but Spike predicted that it would be leaked on the internet at some point. (Hint hint!) Tiffany Grant also acknowledged the PSA in 2013.



Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
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Nah, this is a joke, you guys...


2 months ago
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Maybe so. Just to be safe, I'm putting it in the Existence unconfirmed category.

Anonymous user #2

1 days 9 hours 16 minutes ago
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I asked Grant and Spencer about it at their panel at 2016 Delta H Con (I didn't film it, which is one of my biggest regrets I have). Basically the city of Houston commissioned them to do a PSA with teenagers having unprotected sex but then backed out after hearing the recording because it was "too realistic" and made them uncomfortable. Matt Greenfield chimed in and said there was a voice over and everything ("LITTLE DID THEY KNOW... THESE CHILDREN WERE KILLING THEMSELVES").
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