Fear Factor Spring Break (lost episode of NBC series; 2002)

Fear Factor Spring Break
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Fear Factor was a popular reality show that aired on NBC from 2001-2006, and then briefly airing from 2011-2012. The show normally involved 6 contestants (3 men/3 women) who would compete in 3 extreme stunts. The last person standing would walk away with a grand prize of $50,000 (After season 5, this would change to 4 teams of 2 competing for the same amount)[1].

For the longest time, episodes of the show were very hard to come by with only bits and pieces appearing online. However, in 2010, Cable TV channel Chiller started broadcasting re-runs of the show[2]. Despite this, several episodes remained unaired from the network (Including the Playboy Playmate special, Season 2 championship, Season 4 Miss USA edition, etc.). Fortunately, the streaming service Hulu added Fear Factor to it's lineup with almost every episode intact. However one episode still remains missing.

Missing Episode

The episode in question was a special MTV spring break edition that aired in 2002 during the second season. According to the synopsis on TV.com, the episode involved four contestants on spring break in Cancun, competing for 50,000 pesos ($5,000 USD). The four contestants would have to compete in what appeared to be all gross out stunts, and the last contestant remaining would win the prize.

There is no information as to who the contestants were, or who won the money. No footage or screenshots of the episode have appeared online[3]. According to Hulu, they were unable to get the episode due to copyright issues. Although the episode may have aired in reruns on another channel, as of now, it remains the only Fear Factor episode to have never turned up online.


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