Fishcenter - C. Martin Croker (partially found livestream; 2015)

Fishcenter (one of the last known C. Martin Croker recordings as Zorak officially on an [as] platform)
Fishcenter screenshot taken from the website.
Fishcenter screenshot taken from the website.
Status Partially Found

Fishcenter is a live, daily (weekdays only), marine-themed call-in show and the flagship program of American entertainment website Adult Swim. It's hosted by the "ever-archiving" Twitch. That being said, one of the call-ins, done sometime before or on Friday, July 24, 2015, featured C. Martin Croker in-character as Zorak, one of his last recorded voice-overs for the character and possibly the last one he did for [Adult Swim] specifically.

The only proof that this happened is this post on Facebook, linking to a sound clip of the conversation presumably from the speaker's side of the phone.


Zorak: What the hell is your problem?

Caller: I just wanna know if you like sports.

Zorak: Sports!?

Caller: Yeah!

Zorak: Feah! Maybe if I live to be seven-hundred.

Caller: What happens at seven-hundred?

Zorak: That- that's your idea of a good time?, like sitting around and watching other people do sh(bleep)t all the time?

Caller: Yeah!

Zorak: Yeah sh(bleep) that you can't do?

Caller: Oh I'm terrible at sports.

Zorak: Phh yeah, right. So you're just living vicariously.

Caller: You should watch soccer it's weird.

Zorak: Dude that's pathetic.

Caller: I know...

Zorak: Focker. Ph, good god. okay moving on!

Caller: Thanks Zorak!

Zorak: Next... bye.

Caller: Bye now!





2 months ago
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If we have the audio, what's lost? The footage of the fish in the background?

I'm admittedly not too familiar with FishCenter, but it seems like the audio was recorded by the uploader off their end, not from the show itself. Is it possible that this incident was never aired and was just a response to a call that happened off-stream?


2 months ago
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I believe that Croker did a few more answers on this, hence him saying "Next" at the end.


2 months ago
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The description from the soundcloud link says 'Fish Center said if I called in I could talk to Zorak.' The rest of the stream is not discovered, this is the only part.

Anonymous user #1

2 months ago
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You could try contacting FishCenter to see if they'd help you find it.

Could call in to the show between 4 PM and 5 PM Mon - Fri. 708-794-6386.
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