Fries With That? (found sitcom TV series; 2004)

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Fries With That?
Promotional poster for the show.
Promotional poster for the show.
Status Found
Date found 6 Feb 2013
Found by nhsadm

In early 2004, YTV premiered a comedy show titled Fries With That? which was inspired by a French comedy show titled Une grenade avec ça? ("A Grenade With That?") and follows the trials and tribulations of four high school students working at a fast food emporium called "Bulky's."*

The show aired two seasons on YTV but was cancelled shortly after the completion of season 2. The show went off the air in 2006 and returned for re-runs in 2010. It was later replaced by a teen prank show titled Prank Patrol, which later had Australian and British spin-offs. Fries With That? was also rumored to have aired throughout 2008 during early morning hours.

There are a total of 11 seasons 1 episodes missing (season 1 had a total of 27 episodes) and Season 2 is missing a whopping 24 episodes (Season 2 had a total of 25 episodes).

As of late June 2015, all of the missing episodes have been found. They can be viewed here.



Anonymous user #1

9 months ago
Score 2++

Hey I remember watching this when I was sick!

I couldn't remember the name of this show for the life of me.

Anonymous user #2

9 months ago
Score 0++
The rumours of airing Saturday mornings in 2008 are indeed true, but I believe it also aired late at night, unless It aired at around 12:00 or 1:00 and I'm remembering it as 9:00 or 10:00

Anonymous user #3

8 months ago
Score 0++
This was one of my favourite shows as a kid. I remember watching the 2008-10 airings and reruns every night. I should rewatch it sometime and see if it holds up.
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