Garfield and Friends: "Screaming With Binky" (lost segments from animated series; 1980s)

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Garfield and Friends: Screaming with Binky
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When Garfield and Friends was released on DVD in the mid-2000s, not only did they replace the original U.S. Acres title cards, but for unknown reasons, the prints used omitted four "Screaming with Binky" segments, each centering around either baseball, the mountains, ballerinas, or a pizza parlor. They are even harder to find than the U.S. Acres title cards since these four shorts did not appear in syndication.

However, half of these missing shorts have been found so far. Additionally, "Playtpus Comix" has a description of the pizza parlor short:

  • An expert pizza chef is throwing dough into the air when Binky comes in and screams, "HEEEEY PIZZA MAKER!!!" He's chased out of the restaurant by the angry chef, still covered in dough and waving a rolling pin. "I'D LIKE IT TO GO, PLEEEEASE!!!"





Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
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Anonymous user #2

22 days ago
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Wait, are you sure all of them are lost? The cartoonist, golf, and hospital ones are on YouTube, as well as a few others. Just search "Screaming with Binky Garfield."

Anonymous user #3

20 days ago
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That's not what this article is about. It's about 4 that are missing, not all of them.

Anonymous user #4

10 days ago
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The official Garfield twitter page just posted a video of the telephone booth short. Don't know if that's one of the missing ones or not but figured it would be worth mentioning.
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