Garfield and Friends (partially lost original "U.S. Acres" title cards; late 1980s-mid 1990s)

Garfield and Friend (U.S. Acres title cards)
The US Acres title card for "Shelf Esteem".
The US Acres title card for "Shelf Esteem".
Status Partially Lost
A U.S. Acres Quickie with the original title.

When the popular Saturday morning cartoon series Garfield and Friends was released to DVD, the international prints were used, and as a result, the title cards for U.S. Acres (a segment within the show based off of another comic strip by creator Jim Davis) matched their international rename--Orson's Farm. This has rendered the original U.S. Acres versions rare and hard to find, even more so applying to the original versions of the U.S. Acres " Quickies" which were never shown in syndication.

In the past a vast number of the U.S. Acres title cards have shown up, many of them being uploaded by YouTube users OtterFan25 and TapeTrove. However, only title cards from the syndicated episodes have been discovered so far and the title cards from the un-syndicated episodes remain at large (in addition to about 30 more title cards from the syndicated series).

Additionally, the German dub leaves the original U.S. Acres "Quickie" title intact for the first several episodes but switches to the Orson's Farm "Quickie" versions at the end of Season 1.




6 months ago
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I use to have tons of episodes of the Garfield show recorded, granted they are all gone now though...

Piñata time

2 months ago
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Here's a playlist i found with some and another. https://www....tQ9z2R6ZirKw


Anonymous user #1

1 months ago
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I have tons of episodes on VHS back when it used to rerun in the mid to late 90s. Very very terrible quality I can recall, but someday I'll have to look to see if any of the known missing cards are on there.
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