Get It Together (partially found music TV show; 1970)

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Get It Together (1970)
A promotional image for Get It Together
A promotional image for Get It Together
Status Partially Found

Get It Together was a TV show that ran on ABC from January 3, 1970 to September 5, 1970. It was hosted by Cass Elliot and Sam Riddle. The singer Oliver was guest host for at least one episode while Elliot was in the hospital. [1]

Like American Bandstand, it was produced by Dick Clark Productions and featured popular bands and musicians of the time performing in front of a live teen audience.

As it was such a short-lived series and aired before home video recording became common, most of the episodes are presumed lost and none have ever been released on video. Only one episode (which originally aired on February 14, 1970 and featured guests Oliver and Bobby Sherman) has turned up so far, and is available for viewing on YouTube.

Get It Together (February 14, 1970)



  1. Newspaper article which mentions Oliver guest hosting Get It Together; 19 May 1970. Last retrieved 17 May 2016.

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14 months ago
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Mama Cass had physical + mental health and drug problems around this time, unfortunately. She lost a lot of weight on the recommendation of her doctor, and wound up with stomach ulcers, severe depression and a compromised immune system on top of this. Some say that leaving The Mamas and Papas just sent her on a downwards spiral, even with a popular solo show in Las Vegas, she could barely get through rehearsals, let alone performances. Hence the drug problem she developed.

She still soldiered on, despite the substance abuse, exhaustion and depression seriously taking a toll on her. Just saying, it's possible for the show (especially in 1970) to have had a limited number of episodes featuring Cass, despite the show being named after her.
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