Gogola (lost Bollywood monster movie; 1966)

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Gogola (1966)
Promotional poster for the film.
Promotional poster for the film.
Status Lost

Gogola is a Bollywood monster film from 1966 based on another monster film, Gojira. It is suspected to be the only monster movie to come from Bollywood.[1]

The movie starts with a group of teens seeing the titular monster and running to the police, who refuse to believe them. No one listens to them until the monster comes ashore and destroys a city. Nothing can stop it, and it trashes the city before going back to the sea. A scientist discovers a poison that can destroy the monster and goes against the wishes of his lover to kill it. His rival follows him and kills him, planning to steal the fame and the girlfriend. Gogola kills him before succumbing to the lethal poison.

There is almost no information about this movie online, and there are no known copies of the film. All that has survived is the soundtrack.[2]

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The song "Nacho Nacho Gogola" from the film.


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7 months ago
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Okay this film is probably terrible, but it sounds beyond amusing to watch. A musical with Godzilla.


3 months ago
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Interesting article about the film turning 50 that includes what looks like a screenshot of the movie http://there...janwar-ok-ok
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