Gorillaz "Carousel" (lost album; 2007-2008)

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Carousel was the name of a Multimedia project coming from Damon Albarn (former Blur frontman) and Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl artist.) The story goes that in November of 2007, Damon and Jamie started work on Gorillaz' third studio album. The album was apparently not going under the Gorillaz name, similar to that of "Monkey: Journey to the West."

Later, the name of the album was announced (Carousel) and the theme it was going along was announced. Apparently, the album would have been a mixture of live action, animation and other forms. The theme was "The Mythical Aspects of Britain." Over 70 songs were written for it, yet it was cancelled in place of Plastic Beach in 2008. Plastic Beach apparently reuses some songs from Carousel, the most known being "Sweepstakes." Not much else is known about this cancelled project.




4 months ago
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Sorry, but there wasn't an album called Carousel by Gorillaz. That was Plastic Beach's beginning name.

It was called Carousel at first, but then evolved (for lack of a better word), into Plastic Beach.
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