Grand Theft Auto 64 (Cancelled Nintendo 64 Game; 1999)

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Grand Theft Auto 64
PS1 Cover
PS1 Cover
Status Cancelled

Grand Theft Auto 64 was a cancelled N64 port of the original Grand Theft Auto on the PS1. It reportedly would have featured enhanced graphics, new levels, and "new characteristics," but for unknown reasons the port was cancelled before being publicly revealed.

Existence and Availability

Outside of the announced features of the port, little is known about it as there are no screenshots, videos, or (known) prototypes demonstrating any elements of the game and it may not have been developed in any capacity before being cancelled.

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2 months ago
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I have heard that relations between Miyamoto/Nintendo and DMA Design soured and that is why (aside from Nintendo's wanting to keep a family friendly aura) there have never been GTA games on Nintendo consoles albeit a couple on handhelds. This video is very enlightening and I implore anyone who loves N64-era Nintendo to WATCH THIS VIDEO. Source:

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