Gravity Falls Comic Con 2012 Promo (lost promo; 2012)

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Gravity Falls SDCC 2012 Promo
Status Lost

At the 2012 Comic Con, several then-new shows and episodes of shows were being announced, with some even having sneak peaks, such as Gravity Falls. This preview was once on Youtube, but it was taken down, likely due to copyright infringement. It has not been published officially in any way, however.

The promo reportedly featured clips from the first group of episodes (up to "Irrational Treasure") as well as a slightly different version of Dipper's cold open.

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Anonymous user #1

6 months ago
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so let me get this straight. a promo of gravity falls promo was showed at comic con in 2012. but it was only showed there? then what about the pilot then??????

even you see the pilot online, the promo is yet to be seen

Anonymous user #2

5 months ago
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holy shit, I remember this. Unfortunaley I don't have a copy :(

Anonymous user #3

3 months ago
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Holy shit, I've acutally seen this on Youtube once. :^)


2 months ago
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Was this the one where some of Kristen Schaal's lines hadn't been recorded yet, so Jason Ritter's take of her lines was still in the footage?
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