Grocerybagdotttv / Mars Argo (partially lost YouTube videos; 2009-2015)

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Grocerybagdottv / Mars Argo
The channel's icon.
The channel's icon.
Status Partially Lost

Grocerybagdottv, also known as Mars Argo, were a musical group, they made videos on their YouTube channel that made fun of pop culture, etc., when they broke up, nearly all of these videos where privated/deleted, and some have not been recovered. This is a comprehensive list of all known grocerybagdottv/Mars Argo videos.

Bold text indicates that the video is lost.

List of grocerybagdottv videos

  • A Film. A Record.
  • A Small Conversation
  • A-Okay (Audio)
  • Amanda Bynes
  • Art Is Easy
  • Art School
  • Ask Me a Fcking Question
  • Beauty Is Empty (Live at Bedrock Studios)
  • Beauty Is Empty (Official)
  • Beauty Is Empty (Audio)
  • Beyonce Is Pregnant
  • Chef Boyardee Commercial
  • Culturally Relevant
  • Day of Retribution
  • Delete Your Facebook
  • Digital Imperialists
  • Do You Ever Feel Empty?
  • Don’t Call Me (Live at Bedrock Studios)
  • Electric Car (Acoustic Live)
  • Everything Turns To Gold
  • Facebook
  • Formal Girl (Audio)
  • Guns Should Be Illegal
  • How To Pronounce Washington
  • I Shaved My Pussy
  • IMG_3545.MOV
  • Internet Candy Chips
  • Kites
  • LA or BUST
  • Let’s Play Some Music
  • Life In The Year 2009
  • Limousine Machine (Live at Bedrock Studios)
  • Limousine Machine (Official)
  • Lost At Home
  • Love In Black and White (Official)
  • LoveEveryOne
  • Machine Machine Machine
  • Mars Argo Live 2/24/2012 in Chicago
  • Mars Argo From The Future
  • Memories Fade
  • Monsters Under My Bed
  • Mrs. Stadler (Official)
  • Nothing Without You (Official)
  • Open Up The Door In Your Head (Live at Bedrock Studios)
  • Ouija
  • Our First Date
  • Our First Video
  • Our Songs In Your Videos
  • Over 9000 Years
  • Paper Airplane
  • Playing In a Cemetery With Mars Argo
  • Pls Don't Forget Me
  • Reality Is a Dream [Episode 1]
  • Rejected Mountain Dew Commercial
  • Road Trip
  • Runaway Runaway (Official)
  • Runaway Runaway (Audio)
  • Soon
  • Spider in My Bathtub (Audio)
  • Stuck on You (Live at Bedrock Studios)
  • Suicide Birds (Acoustic)
  • Sunday
  • Technology is a Dead Bird (Acoustic Live)
  • The Future Is So Old
  • The Internet = Kaleidoscope + Lava x Mars Argo
  • The Singularity Is Near
  • This Is Our Neighborhood
  • Tired Today (Official)
  • Tucker Woodley Interviews Mars Argo
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • Using You (2015 version, audio)
  • Using You (Acoustic)
  • Using You (Official)
  • Using You (Linden Place EP version, audio)
  • Vince Dynamic Makes Magic
  • Vince Dynamic - “Young Jersey Friend”
  • Vlogvetica
  • What Do You Love?
  • What Inspires You?
  • What I Want For Christmas
  • What's Your Name (Part 1)
  • What's Your Name (Part 2)
  • What's Your Name (Part 3)
  • Would You Live Forever?
  • You Can Do This
  • You Gave Away (Live at Bedrock Studios)




5 months ago
Score 0++
If anyone here could find at least one of the lost videos, it would be great!

Anonymous user #1

5 months ago
Score 0++
OK. I was a fan of them late 2013. It's great to see a page about them. Some people have the videos but won't share them

Anonymous user #2

5 months ago
Score 0++
If anyone wants to know who have them, dm me. @amadeodott on twitter

Anonymous user #3

3 months ago
Score 0++
Someone posted day of retribution on 30th of april on youtube, account is called the leaker's kingdom

Anonymous user #4

3 months ago
Score 0++
Yeah, I saw this on YouTube too. Can someone update the page?


3 months ago
Score 0++
there changed it
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