Guitar Hero 1 PS2 Version (lost original beta build/unused beta elements; 2005)

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Guitar Hero 1 (PS2) Beta build
Cover of the game.
Cover of the game.
Status Lost
The video of the beta build.

In 2005, the first Guitar Hero game was released for the Playstation 2. Critics gave it overwhelmingly positive scores, and for a point in time, it was the best selling PS2 game. (Although eventually that was taken by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.) However, the original beta build of Guitar Hero was completely different from the final build. The beta remained in obscurity until a beta video was posted in 2007 of it.

Interesting differences in the video include:

  • The colours of the frets are the colours of the rainbow, with the exception of indigo and violet.
  • The song Spanish Castle Magic was going to have vocals, as seen in the video.
  • There are no hammer on or pull offs.
  • The graphics and animations are different.
  • The score gets built up in sections and then added to the current score, similar to the game Karaoke Revolution.
  • There is no star power in the beta.
  • The star power bar was a bar that showed how well you were doing during a scoring section.

The only evidence for this build existing was the 1 minute and 28-second video showing Spanish Castle Magic with vocals. The beta build has not been resurfaced anywhere, and there is no other screenshots or videos.


The video of the beta build.



Anonymous user #1

15 months ago
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The reason why Spanish Castle Magic had vocals removed is because the company that owns the rights to all of

the Jimi Hendrix music did not like how the cover singer was impersonating Jimi's distinct singing voice. So, it had to be an instrumental instead.


13 months ago
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A lot of footage have been resurfaced along with some snapshots found on gamespot.


Note: In this article it says "The beta remained in obscurity until a video was posted in 2007 of it." This is not true, as all of gamespots videos of GH1 were released before the game, although they are no longer watchable on the gamespot site, hence it being reuploaded.

Here is the original link to the Spanish Castle Magic clip: http://www.g...300-6127696/

Some images of the GH1 beta:

Thanks to LocalH for his contribution to reuploading these previously lost/taken down videos!
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