Heart of Darkness (cancelled GBA port; 2001)

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Heart of Darkness (GBA port)
The game's title.
The game's title.
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Heart of Darkness  is a cinematic platform video game developed by Amazing Studios and published by Ocean Software in Europe (and Interplay Entertainment in North America for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows).[1]

The game took a full 6 years to develop, during which a "bidding war" was started among companies such as Atari and Sega over who would distribute the game.

The game has received much praise for its atmosphere, difficulty, graphics, and soundtrack.

GBA Port

In 2001, a Game Boy Advance port for the game was announced.[2] It would have likely been released in Europe first by Infogrames. However, the port was cancelled on an unknown date for unknown reasons and it's unknown how much of the port was developed before cancellation.


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