Heil Honey I'm Home! (partially found episodes of sitcom TV series; 1990)

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Heil Honey I'm Home!
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Often considered one of the worst television shows ever made, Heil Honey I'm Home! was a 1990 sitcom written by Geoff Atkinson and directed by Juliet May.


It featured Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in a nice quiet neighborhood.

The catch here is that the Hitlers live as a stereotypical 1950s sitcom couple, and they have to deal with living next to a pair of obnoxious Jewish neighbors called the Goldensteins.


The sitcom enraged audiences due to its obvious offensive nature, despite obviously aiming to be a parody of stereotypical sitcoms.

The show had one episode aired on September 30th, 1990 and was quickly cancelled due to exceptionally negative response and was never shown again.


The one aired episode can be found easily on bootlegs and on YouTube.

What can't be found at all are the remaining 12 episodes (and according to the official website of Gareth Marks, actually 16 episodes) they reportedly recorded (with supposedly 8 being finished).

Possible retrieval

Recently, a YouTube user by the name of Paul Carmichael has claimed he has second-generation copies of the 8 original master tapes of the finished episodes.

Considering he has an extremely high quality version of the opening uploaded, which is likely taken from broadcast-spec tape, these claims are likely to be legitimate. He is currently awaiting word from those involved in production of the series as to whether or not he is able to release them to the public.

Thanks to a video Mr. Carmichael uploaded showing the program's VT countdown clocks,[1] we now have official titles for the remaining seven episodes:

Episode List

  • Episode 2: Hitler Moves In
  • Episode 3: Eva's New Shelves
  • Episode 4: Ziggy Comes to Stay
  • Episode 5: The Mom Who Came to Dinner
  • Episode 6: Adolf's Close Shave
  • Episode 7: Hitler in the Closet
  • Episode 8: Without Prejudice


"Heil Honey, I'm Home" Opening Titles, supposedly from YouTube user Paul Carmichael's collection.
Clips from Gareth Marks' acting reel of the remaining episodes.


  1. Carmichael's upload of the VT timeclocks. Retrieved 1 Oct '16.




12 months ago
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The animated title sequence of the unreleased episodes has been released in full on YouTube: https://www....=Pe6hz84_fgU

The uploader claims that their were 8 episodes produced for the series including the pilot, and that he plans to make some sort of DVD release of the episodes.


10 months ago
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the video of the showreel's been taken down :c

Daga Van Der Mayer

2 months ago
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I need to watch this.


2 months ago
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I read somewhere that this sitcom was made as a joke, mocking sitcoms in general.


1 months ago
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I really want the people who came up with this to partner with a YouTuber like Filthy Frank to remake the series.
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