Hellbenders (partially found original pilot of web animated series; 2012)

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Hellbenders (original pilot)
Title card for Bitch, Applease, the pilot to Hellbenders.
Title card for Bitch, Applease, the pilot to Hellbenders.
Status Partially Found

Hellbenders is a popular animated web series created by YouTube user psychicpebbles. It centers around the two main characters, Chris and Zach, going about their everyday lives while unknowingly (or uncaringly) committing or being a part of various horrible acts. Sometime before 2012, a rough pilot titled Bitch, Applease was created for it and on Oct. 6th, 2012, it was cleaned up, expanded, and turned into Applooza, the first episode of the show.


There are various differences between Bitch, Applease and Applooza, the main one being that Bitch, Applease is in a heavily unfinished state, with several scenes either not animated or missing entirely. Also, based on the pilot's "intro," the final product may have had a different intro comprised of static photos instead of the fully animated one it has now. The tree scene, "black market" scene, and the final scene with the mailman also seem to have had different endings.


For awhile, the pilot was available on the Hellbenders website, but said website is down and the pilot was not put on psychicpebbles' Youtube channel, making it lost.

But on April 9th, 2016, the pilot was uploaded to Youtube via LostVideosArchive along with an extras video, making it viewable again. The two videos (and Applooza) can be found below. UPDATE: The video was deleted by LostVideosArchive due to the video being taken down[possibly because Oney and Psychicpebbles didn't want people to see it].


Bitch, Applease extras.

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