Hippo Tub Co. (Lost animated series; 2001)

The opening theme song.
A short segment from the show, uploaded by a staffmember.

Hippo Tub Co. was a CGI animated series which aired on CBC from 2001 until approximately 2003. It was loosely based on the novelty children's song "Hey Daddy" by Anne Murray.


The show centers around the underground city of Drain World, where everything that has ever been lost down a drain ends up. There Horton the hippo (Keith Knight), his partner Norton the boot-wearing bird (Neil Crone), and the various other citizens of Drain World operate a sort of lost-and-found where they attempt to find the owners of any lost items and return them.


Although there allegedly was one or more VHS releases, the tape or tapes of said releases are either extremely rare or simply never existed. Aside from this, there has been no known official release of the show in any format.

There do, however, exist a handful of short clips on YouTube containing various segments from the show. However, no full episodes are known to have been uploaded.

Additionally, according to one or two distribution sites, French and German dubs of the show may exist. This cannot be confirmed.


Several clips uploaded by the series composer.
A demo reel containing some clips from the show as well as some unfinished animation.


Small amount of information from an English-language website for a German distributor

A handful of screenshots without context

2001 CBC site



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