Hoshi no Ko Poron (Partially Found Anime Series; 1974-1975)

Hoshi no Ko Poron (1974-1975)
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Status Partially Found

Hoshi no Ko Poron (星の子ポロン, Star Child Poron) is a sci-fi comedy anime produced by Jiho Eigasha and animated by Nihon Douga[1] that aired from April 1, 1974 to March 21, 1975 in Japan. 260 episodes were made, at a length of around five minutes each, each having two shorts of at least two minutes long.[2] It is infamous for the show's poor production quality which lead to dozens of video remixes and MADs.


The titular character, Poron, is an alien child ("star child" as described in the title) who comes to Earth and befriends several animals, almost totally (and naïvely) ignoring humanity.


Eyewitness accounts (on the Nico Video wiki page)[3] state that the anime used a lot of electronic music, and also comment on the short length of the episodes, some of which seem to have been one to two minute-long skits bookended by the opening and ending credits.

Unsurprisingly, this show is often confused with the similarly named anime Hoshi no Ko Chobin (星の子 チョビン, Star Child Chobin), which aired only a year after Poron, and Chobin often comes up in searches when looking for information or footage on Poron. Chobin was more successful, having been dubbed into Italian and enjoyed by Japanese audiences of the time.

Going back to the Nico Video wiki, there seem to be a few previews and episodes available, but are possibly region-locked to those outside of Japan or even taken down by Nico Nico Douga in line with Japan's strict copyright infringement laws.

Outside of scant clips on the Internet, there are no listings for Poron on home video on Amazon.jp or any other shopping sites. Out of 260 episodes, the majority remain missing.

A YouTube channel under the name of "poronist" is uploading episodes of Poron. The episodes and channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIMXL0Sjp_b1LiDTlIIzaQ As of updating, there are only 49 episodes, a total of 98 two minute segments - with hopefully more to come.


"All the Traffic Lights Turned Blue!/You Should Not Prank the Brakes"




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4 months ago
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I can't be the only one who misread the translated name as "Star Child Porn" and was really worried.


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I made the anime's page on Wikipedia as well as is my first Wikipedia page. Anime's cult following is a main reason that why I created it in the Wikipedia. https://en.w..._no_Ko_Poron
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