Hu-Man (found Terence Stamp Sci-Fi film; 1975)

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Advertisement poster for the film.
Advertisement poster for the film.
Status Found
Date found 2015
Found by Goupil66

Hu-Man is a 1975 sci-fi film about an actor whose fate in dangerous situations is determined by the audience. The film has been described as a cross between The Running Man and Slaughterhouse Five, with an original score reportedly by psych-rock band Gong.

The reason for its lack of availability before its discovery in 2015 are unknown. Clips from the film were shown in a 1998 episode of the UK series Scene by Scene that profiled Stamp. The film was ultimately rediscovered by Cinemageddon user Goupil66 with a French dub. English subtitles have since been written for the film, and both files are available for download below.


Episode of Scene by Scene featuring a clip from Hu-Man (~1:20).

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